Apache Opens Louisiana CNG Station

On Thursday, Apache Corporation was joined by the Lafayette, La., city-parish president and other local dignitaries to commemorate the opening of the company’s first public-access CNG fueling station in Louisiana. The event showcased a variety of natural gas-powered vehicles, including some of the city’s natural gas-powered buses. Lafayette is in the process of converting its entire fleet of buses and many of its city vehicles to natural gas power. The site of the station was chosen in large part because of its proximity to a concentration of large public and private natural gas fleet vehicles. Apache’s CNG fueling station will provide local government, private industry and the public with an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline. Apache currently has converted 274 of its vehicles to run on CNG and plans to convert a total of 350 of its fleet by year’s end. By 2015, the company expects to have 80 percent of its 1,000-plus fleet in the U.S. converted. Apache also offers financial incentives to its employees who choose to switch to CNG. All full-time Apache employees who purchase a new dedicated CNG vehicle or convert their vehicle to CNG receive a $5,000 Visa credit card for purchasing fuel.