On Tuesday, World CNG announced an agreement to build 11 natural gas-powered Dodge Grand Caravans for SCR Medical Transportation of Chicago. Over the next month, these vehicles will be integrated into SCR’s fleet that provides paratransit services in a six county area of Northeastern Illinois. Each Dodge Grand Caravan CNG is outfitted with an El Dorado National side-loading wheelchair ramp and 11.2 GGEs of CNG fuel storage that provide up to 200 miles of range. “Through a partnership with NatGasCar, we have been able to develop an EPA-certified CNG minivan that is a safe and affordable solution for paratransit operators,” said Garret Alpers, President of World CNG. “The innovative trunk-mounted CNG tank design allows for the straightforward addition of the side-load wheelchair ramp that many ADA service providers require.” Federal grant funding administered by the City of Chicago’s Departments of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Green Taxi Program covered the incremental cost of the CNG conversion. For more information, contact World CNG at 866.306.0804.