Colorado Transit Agency to Complete Phase-in of CNG Buses

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, has announced that it will be ordering 17 CNG buses, advancing the city’s public transportation system toward its goal of switching to all CNG. “We’re looking at a year and a half before we have these new vehicles,” said Kurt Ravenschlage, interim general manager for TransFort. Half of the buses operated by TransFort already are powered by CNG. TransFort aims to completely replace its remaining diesel buses (which had been using a biodiesel blend) with CNG. “We like it,” Ravenschlage said. “It’s about 50 percent cleaner in carbon emissions than diesel or biodiesel and much quieter.” Grants have funded the purchases. The most recent, a $1 million transit award announced Wednesday, will pay for three buses.

photo credit: jimmywayne via photo pin cc