On Friday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy unveiled a draft of a comprehensive energy strategy for Connecticut. Among other things, the plan calls for much more natural gas use throughout the state, including more natural gas use in vehicles. “Investment in a clean fuels/vehicles initiative that will ensure that the basic infrastructure needed for vehicle choice will be in place including… Support for conversion of fleets (delivery vans, taxis, garbage trucks, public works vehicles, etc.) to natural gas in conjunction with private sector-funded construction of natural gas filling stations that will be publicly available.” It also calls for the “Establishment of a core set of Liquefied Natural Gas stations at truck stops in support of the growing number of long haul trucking fleets considering conversion to natural gas as their primary fuel.”

Public hearings and technical meetings are scheduled throughout November. Copies of the draft document can be viewed at http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=4120&q=500752