On Friday, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced funding awards totaling $59.3 million for 27 projects. The projects were awarded as part of the FY 2012 funding for the Clean Fuel Grant Program, which is intended to help transit agencies accommodate cleaner and greener buses and to reduce harmful emissions. The Clean Fuel Grant Program is a very competitive discretionary grant program. For FY 2012, FTA received 146 project applications with a total funding request of $516 million.

A total of 12 transit authorities were awarded $23.8 million for natural gas projects. This funding will help agencies replace aging natural gas buses with new natural gas buses, fund bus garage facility upgrades, build new fueling infrastructure for natural gas buses, and purchase new paratransit vehicles that operate on natural gas. Many of the awards add to natural gas bus fleets already in place, but several of the awards appear to go to cities that previously did not have natural gas bus fleets, thus adding to already long list of communities in the U.S. that benefit from the operation of natural gas buses. Below is a list of the cities and the amounts awarded.

• Birmingham, Alabama — $2,500,000
• Riverside, California — $2,400,000
• Boulder, Colorado — $136,950
• Hartford, Connecticut — $165,000
• Atlanta, Georgia — $3,896,160
• Springfield, Illinois — $3,075,000
• St. Cloud, Minnesota — $3,354,335
• Kansas City, Missouri — $1,394,400
• Buffalo, New York — $1,960,808
• Columbus, Ohio — $1,023,000
• Butler, Pennsylvania — $2,400,000
• Williamsport, Pennsylvania — $1,500,000