More CNG Trash Trucks in Wisconsin

Veolia ES Solid Waste Inc. has announced that it has deployed 13 new CNG refuse vehicles in its Waunakee, Wisconsin service area. The trucks are McNeilus and Heil refuse bodies on Autocar CNG chassis. The company, which is a division of Veolia Environmental Services North America Corp., also worked with Vocational Energy to install a 48-bay time-fill refueling station. The site is designed to fill up to 47 trucks simultaneously via time-fill hoses, and it also has one fast-fill dispenser to allow trucks to fuel quickly, if needed. “The time-fill station will generate 239 DGE per hour, allowing Veolia to fill their trucks at night, unassisted,” says Scott Edelbach, president of Vocational Energy. Veolia currently operates four CNG fueling stations and more than 100 CNG-powered refuse collection and support vehicles in North America. The company plans on deploying additional CNG trucks in Waunakee over the next two years.



photo credit: jimmywayne via photo pin cc