The Clean Vehicle Education Foundation has published four new documents to improve the safety of NGV operations. The documents are

  • Guidelines for Maintenance Facility Modification – An analysis of existing codes and guidelines for determining basic requirements for facilities along with a process flow diagram.
  • Advice to Owners of CNG Vehicles After Accidents – General safety practices to make sure the NGV is safe after an accident and during the repair process.
  • Safety Advice for Defueling CNG Vehicles and Decommissioning and Disposal of CNG Cylinders – Information for the experienced CNG maintenance technician and repair garage.
  • Convert Your Vehicle to Compressed Natural Gas—SAFELY – Information for the end user looking to purchase a new NGV or to have their vehicle converted to CNG. What they should know and what they should ask to get a safe NGV.

The documents can be downloaded from the CVEF website at The documents are listed on the right side of the home page. For questions about the documents, contact either Douglas Horne at or John Dimmick at