NGV Global Opens Nominations for NGV Champion Awards

NGV Global is inviting nominations for the 2012 NGV Champion awards. These biennial awards recognize and honor individuals who, by their actions and endeavors, have promoted and inspired the development of a significant NGV program or activity. The achievements of the nominee must include the following criteria.

  • Has significantly advanced the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel.
  • Can be clearly seen in terms of natural gas vehicles in use.
  • Has far reaching benefits in the widest interests of the NGV industry in the country concerned.
  • Is consistent with good character and political or business ethics.

Members and associate members of NGV Global are invited to make nominations for the NGV Champions award. (The nominee does not have to be a member or associate member of NGV Global.) This year the awards will be considered on a global, instead of regional, basis. A judging panel will determine the number of awards to be issued and select the winners, who will be invited to attend the closing session of the biennial NGV Global conference on November 9 in Mexico City to receive their awards. Nominations can be made (in confidence) by e-mail to NGV Global’s Brett Jarman ( on or before August 31. Please provide the nominee’s contact information together with a statement of up to one page (maximum 300 words) on the specific achievements and contributions of the nominee. Supporting materials should not be included but should be available on request if required by the judges.