On Friday, NGVAmerica staff and representatives from member companies provided a briefing on the status of the NGV market for personnel in the U.S. EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). OTAQ is responsible for overseeing the federal development and implementation of motor vehicle emission regulations, non-road vehicle regulations, and fuel standards. The purpose of the briefing was to ensure that these key members of the EPA understood the many positive developments underway in the NGV industry.

The presentation included details on the availability of light-duty vehicles, developments in the heavy-duty engine and vehicle market, and information on the industry efforts to convert its own fleets as well as build the necessary fueling infrastructure for NGVs. The briefing, which took place at the EPA headquarters in Washington DC, was attended by about a dozen senior EPA staff, including a handful of employees who participated via teleconference from the agency’s Ann Arbor offices. OTAQ director Margo Oge (who has announced that she will be retiring) was in attendance as was the new acting OTAQ director Chris Grundler. Thanks to Westport Innovations’ Jonathan Burke, Metropolitan Utilities District’s Doug Clark, and Encana’s Matt Most for flying in to town and making this a very successful briefing. NGVAmerica has plans for a similar briefing for Department of Energy and Department of Transportation officials later this year.

photo credit: Nicholas_T via photo pin cc