North Carolina Enacts Law Requiring Study of AFVs

On Tuesday, Governor Purdue of North Carolina signed into law the Clean Energy Transportation Act (H.B. 177), a measure that directs state authorities to create an interagency task force to study the feasibility of increasing the use of alternative fuel vehicles by state agencies. The task force is required to report back to the Governor and state legislature by the end of the year. The study must include a review of the

  • Cost-benefit analyses for different alternative fuels;
  • Most cost-effective fuels for different vehicle applications;
  • Cost of fueling infrastructure; and
  • Opportunities to use existing fueling infrastructure or leverage state funds to develop infrastructure.

The final report must make recommendations on which fuels are best for particular state government agencies. The bill also makes changes to the states existing laws regarding development of offshore energy resources, not summarized here. To view a copy of the bill, go to

photo credit: ncculture via photo pin cc