Senate Committee and House Natural Gas Caucus to Hold Key Hearings


Next Tuesday (July 24), the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on opportunities for the current level of investment in and the barriers to expand the usage of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Witnesses include Dave McCurdy, President and CEO, American Gas Association; Dr. Michael Gallagher, Senior Adviser, Westport Innovations; Reg Modlin, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Chrysler Group; Dr. David Greene, Corporate Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Paul Cicio, President, Industrial Energy Consumers of America. NGVAmerica will submit testimony for the hearing, which will be available on our website when finalized. The hearing can be accessed at

Meanwhile, next Wednesday (July 25), the House Congressional Natural Gas Caucus will hold a hearing to discuss the “State of the Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for American Job Growth.” Rich Kolodziej, NGVAmerica President, is scheduled to testify. NGVAmerica’s statement will be available on our website as well. Other witnesses include representatives from IHS, US Steel Tubular Operations, Dominion Energy, Williams Corp, and Ultra Petroleum. Witnesses will present their perspectives on jobs, LNG exports, regulations, and the impact of expanded domestic production on the chemical sector.
photo credit: Elizabeth Buie via photo pin cc