On Tuesday, Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell signed an agreement with Clean Energy Fuels to enable the Commonwealth and local Virginia governmental entities to purchase CNG from Clean Energy for their vehicle fleets. Commonwealth, county, city, municipal, and other Virginia government bodies will be able to access special pricing for CNG fuel and services through the state’s procurement website. Clean Energy also plans to build CNG fueling stations and to provide CNG vehicle conversions for Commonwealth and local Virginia governments. “Not only is this good for the government and the environment, but ultimately it will be good for consumers and the economy as well,” said Governor McDonnell. “The infrastructure created through this effort will be available to fuel passenger vehicles and other commercial fleets. Through this innovative public-private partnership we enter today, the Commonwealth, industry leaders and innovators can work collaboratively to move state government and private industry away from vehicles fueled by gasoline and diesel fuel and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

Clean Energy recently opened its first CNG public-access station in Richmond, Virginia, and expects to open its second station adjacent to Dulles International Airport. Both public-access stations are open 24/7 and are co-located with Clean Energy’s partner, Quarles Fuel Network. Working with Commonwealth officials, Clean Energy expects to develop a strategic network of CNG station locations throughout Virginia, taking advantage of the extensive interstate highways traversing the state.